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Course Design

InZone Disc Golf does not just produce innovative disc golf products, we design and install innovative disc golf courses as well. Lavone Wolf, our lead designer, began playing disc golf in 1974. He was one of the pioneers of the sport in the southern United States and became one of the top players in the world. He has four PDGA world championship titles and has won over 100 disc golf events. He was inducted into the Disc Golf Hall of Fame in 1994. Lavone has played and studied hundreds of disc golf course designs and has personally been involved as a consultant or architect for over 50 projects. His expertise has gained him Certification as a Master Course Designer of which there is only a handful in the south.

Why Choose InZone to design your course?

Lavone uses a number of design elements that can only be learned and implemented by years of study, competitive play and experience. Lavone Wolfe designed courses are praised by the best players in the world and have been routinely used in the highest levels of regional, national and world championship competition. It is important to note that Lavone is also a member of the Professional Disc Golf Association’s, Disc Golf Development Team. This group helps develop and implement the cutting edge direction of the sport.

Your project wil be in the hands of one of the most skilled and experienced designers. InZone Disc Golf is licensed and insured with a one million dollar liability policy. This added security is important in today’s world of risk.

Lavone Wolfe has managed two major operations for two fortune 500 companies. His attention to detail, organization skills and communication abilities are outstanding. Lavone and InZone Disc Golf welcome the opportunity to work with parks departments, individuals, clubs, property developers, schools, churches, hotels, and resorts. InZone Design will work to find a win-win situation for those working on a tight budget. For example, many organizations seeking a course have the expertise and equipment to do much of the work themselves. This can result in a substantial cost savings. However, you will find that a disc golf course can be surprisingly cost effective in providing recreation and using land that is difficult to use for other activities.

A Lavone Wolfe signature course will bring recognition, credibility, and a reputation of quality to your course and park.

Disc Golf Hall of Fame

  • PDGA World Champion

  • Certified Master Course Designer

  • Licensed and Insured

  • Over 50 disc golf course projects

Course Design Philosophy

First and foremost, focus on the safety of players, spectators and property.
Create challenging, fair designs that require skilled shots from an understanding of how disc actually fly.

Find the best utilization of the property that incorporates as many “signature holes” as possible with a flow that is conducive to safety and tournament play.
Use of risk and reward elements that create excitement and scoring diversity.
Create situations that force decisions and a variety of shots.

Use false fronts, prevailing wind, elevation, obstacles including trees, rocks, out-of-bounds, water hazards, brush and other natural texture to present diversity and requirement of shots that will in time develop players into skilled competitors.

Focus on a design that will be a fun, recreation and exercise experience and tailor the course to be appealing to players of different skill levels and ages.
By attaining the above the course will draw competitors and players to your town and park. Lavone’s great courses become a destination for players as they travel and vacation.

Contact Us About Disc Golf Course Design

Contact InZone Disc Golf to discuss your goals and requirements. Lavone will be happy to work a win-win solution and provide the best for your facility and community. 

Phone: 256-679-6400