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Garrett Gurthie, DoubleG, Double G, Double G Jerky

If you like throwing expensive discs on a hole you may not clear over water and you don’t just make it…

I’m always confident to throw the shots regardless, knowing I have a Kwik-Stik on my cart to retrieve my priceless gems…or other peoples discs! But Heck! Get your own Kwik-Stik, it’s totally worth it!

Garrett "DoubleG" Gurthie
373 Career Wins

Gregg Barsby, Disc Golf World Champion, PDGA World Champion, Sula Champion, Barsbarians

The Kwik-Stik is my secret weapon on the course. A lot of time I throw older runs and collectible discs in today’s market, so there is something special about them and this product has kept quite a few in my bag!

Gregg Barsby
2018 PDGA World Champion

Two things I love the most from my Kwik-Stik is one, it pays for itself in a short period of time because not only am I saving my discs but also my friends and card mates discs. The second thing I love about my Kwik-Stik is the reach it has is unparalleled in the retriever game.

Dean "Dean-O" Tannock
2021 Disc Golf Hall of Fame Inductee & PDGA World Champion

Everyone should have a Kwik-Stik in their bag. I play almost every day on a variety of courses and find myself using my Kwik-Stik almost every round. It’s not just for water but for poison plants, trees, fences, holes and hard toreach places. It’s always in my bag!

Patrick Brown
111 Career Wins


A PDGA World Champion designed signature course will bring recognition, credibility, and a reputation of quality to your course and park.
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