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Disc Golf Target Flag Kit

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FLAG and KITS ARE IN STOCK. CALL DIRECT TO ORDER. 256-679-6400 or Email Info@HOFCD.Com for an order form.

  • Target Flags and Mounting Kits are made of the highest quality and durable materials. The poles are the same ½” fiberglass found on ball golf greens and are internally secured in a solid core base. The anti-theft base and pole can only be removed by unbolting the top chain assembly of the target.

    • Flag kits fit most professional level targets and are mounted in the top chain assembly.
    • Improves the professional appeal, visibility and playability of courses.
    • Flags are 12” x 17”, with double and quadruple stitched seams, 200 denier rip-stop nylon and are highly visible and UV resistant.
    • Pricing is for blank flags. Call for availability of numbered flags.
    • Flags are available in yellow, red, white and blue.
    • Numbers 19-22 and letters A-D are available in yellow.
    • Kit includes 1/2" fiberglass poles with anti-theft base.
    • Flags fly freely to indicate wind direction.
    • Blank flags may be customized by the customer.
    • Hall of Fame Course Design Flags and Mounting kits are Made in the USA and are used on courses around the country including pro tour events.