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Use, Warranty and Warnings


Don’t use near electrical lines or when risk of lightning exist due to the potential of electrocution. Use, close and carry in a manner to prevent injury. The sliding pole sections may pinch or cut skin.


The poles are not made to withstand excessive side to side or up and down force, weight or pressure. The user is fully responsible for using it in a manner to prevent it from breaking or bending. Open and close it by hand. DO NOT “sling” it open or push it against the ground to close it. After catching or hooking the disc, only pull it directly back toward you to prevent the pole from bending.

When used properly your Kwik-Stik is outstanding and will more than pay for itself by saving discs. However, eventual failure will occur due to buildup of debris in the joints from the water. Keeping it wiped down, clean and lubricated with a dry lube will help extend its life. When failure does occur, we hope you will replace it because it is the best retriever on the market!


InZone warranties poles against manufacturing defects for 90 days. InZone DOES NOT warranty the poles against bending or breaking. That is a user induced failure and not a defect. Please see the USE section above.

CONTACT for warranty parts or replacements. Provide: purchase date, name, phone number and address. Don’t return the product but do include photos of issues.