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Carbon Fiber Pole Warnings, Use, and Warranty


DO NOT use near electrical lines or when risk of lightning exists to avoid shock or electrocution. Use, close and carry in a manner to prevent injury. Take extra caution when closing!!! DO NOT HOLD POLE SECTIONS WITH BOTH HANDS AND FORCE IT TO CLOSE. It can / will suddenly break loose and your hands may get caught, pinched or cut by the sliding sections when it breaks loose! Carefully stand the extended pole upright and carefully begin to lightly bump the butt cap on the ground to collapse it. At some point you may grip the frame head in a tee formation with both hands and push down on the head to collapse the remaining smaller sections.


To attach the retriever head, use needle nose pliers to reach into the slits of the rubber tip to grip and pull out the threaded tip of the smallest section of pole. (figure 1) Before affixing the retriever head we suggest removing the nut from the stem and discarding it. This will allow several more turns of the stem to thread into the pole. We suggest using a medium grade Loctite on the threads to help keep it from coming loose. Use the velcro strap on the pole and around the frame head to keep it in place.

Figure 1:


Frequently check and keep the aluminum bottom cap tight. The top / tip rubber cover is held on by friction. It should not be necessary to remove it. It should stay in place just fine but if it becomes loose we suggest overlapping it and the pole with black electrical tape to keep it tight.

In some parts of the country retrievers are used more in trees, cactus, briars and other situations where the frame head is not as functional. We have found a better solution that using a simple hook in these situations. We now use a 1.25” diameter fender washer “Round Hook” attached to the tip of the pole with a 1/2” long M6 threaded screw. (figure 2) It works great but snags limbs less when walking through the woods.

You may not always need to fully extend the pole to retrieve a disc. To use it in this manner simply grip the extended portion at the rubber tip of the main casing.

Figure 2:


Use the pole in a manner that is straight out and back toward you as much as possible to protect the pole from excessive sideways or up and down bending. The USER is responsible for using it in a manner to prevent it from breaking. Open and close it carefully. DO NOT sling it open. See the warning above about closing the pole. It is not necessary to open the pole sections beyond mild tension to use it. It is possible to pull and force the pole to completely come apart.

The pole can be dis-assembled to be wiped down and cleaned of dirt and debris. Unscrew the bottom cover to remove the sections. Each pole will have a few inches that have been sanded and they exhibit a mat finish. Always keep this end of the pole toward the base end for it to function properly. The smallest (first) two sections of the pole do not come apart. The threaded aluminum tip prevents it and is not meant to be removed.

Your Kwik-Stik should more than pay for its self if used properly, wiped down & lubricated with a dry lube.  Over time, debris buildup from water will damage in the joints. When it wears out, we hope you will replace it because it is the best retriever on the market in quality and function!


InZone warranties the carbon fiber Kwik-Stik Saber pole against manufacturing defects for six months. InZone DOES NOT warranty the poles against bending or breaking. That is a user controlled and induced failure and not a defect.

WARRANTY CLAIMS OR REPLACEMENT PARTS CONTACT:  Provide photos of issue, purchase location & date, name, phone number & address. Don’t return product unless requested.

Keep Your Disc Dry and Thank You For Being A Customer!