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Kwik-Stik Assembly Instructions

The Kwik-Stik XL is shipped with the head unattached but it takes less than a minute to assemble. USE A HEAT GUN AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CLOSELY. NOTE:  Hair dryers DO NOT generate enough heat to shrink the tubing and activate the internal adhesive. We know… You’re thinking, What? A piece of heat shrink is going to keep the head from coming off? YES, IT WILL!  Trust us. If you lose the head we will replace it! 

Step 1

Extend the smallest section of pole a few inches and place a piece of heat shrink tubing over it.

Step 2

Fully insert the stem of the yellow frame head until the ferrules are butted together.

Step 3

Position tubing to extend past ferrules from both ends before shrinking. Hold horizontally and shrink tubing without overheating after it has shrunk. Lay it on a flat surface and allow it to fully cool before handling.